Currently living and working in the mountains of New Mexico, Jan Vanderburg has called New Mexico home since 1976. When not in New Mexico she has lived and traveled in Africa, Europe, Mexico and Central America.

Before becoming a fulltime printmaker, Jan was a fiber artist. Las TrampasWhatever the medium, she has always been fascinated with line, light and color. This is clearly illustrated in the work shown on this website.

Her solarplate etchings are sensitive and elegant portrayals of places she's been and reflect her fascination with architecture and landscapes. They also reveal her distinctive view of the world. Her preoccupation with light and line started early in her career and has persisted through an art degree from the University of Iowa and masters level work in architecture at the University of New Mexico. That fascination of line was also a motivation during 20 years of weaving as she explored the interaction of line in the threads of her fiber art.

Her relief prints are a joyous celebration of light and color, providing vivid insights into a world of human and natural environments.